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November 2014

Buildex joins the APC

RoofZips turn 10 years old

Buildex is now a proud signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

The APC is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

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September 2014

Change of Product Descriptions

Effective this month, Buildex will replace its metric reference on fastener descriptions:

• M4.8 & M5 fasteners will now be called 10 gauge
• M5.5 fasteners will now be called 12 gauge.
• M6.5 fasteners will now be called 14 gauge.

July 2014

RoofZips® turning 10 Years Old!

RoofZips turn 10 years old

It's been ten years since Australia's favourite roofing fastener was launched nationally!

To celebrate, Buildex has made further improvements that make the RoofZips patented design even better.
The new and improved RoofZips will be made available from September 2014.

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March 2014

Trade Packs in Secondary Colours


Effective this month, the new Buildex range of Trade Packs (except the M6 x 50mm RoofZIPS*),
will no longer be made available head painted in Colorbond(R) secondary colours.

The five secondary Colorbond(R) colours are:
* Bushland (BL)
* Loft (LO)
* Wilderness (RI)
* Sandbank (SK)
* Headland (TR)

These five secondary colours however will still be available for all parts in bulk box quantities.

* The M6 x 50mm RoofZIPS in trade packs will still be available in secondary colours until May 31st,
with stock likely to run out by the end of June.

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