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ColorMatch® is a newly-developed durable coating on the heads of Buildex fasteners and cyclone plates.
It not only provides optimum colour-matching to coloured roofing or cladding, but is designed to “age” at the same time. It’s the perfect match for today’s aesthetically inspired roof colours…the decorative breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Much more than good looks alone.
Developed in Australia and unique to Buildex, the ColorMatch® process incorporates the latest advances in UV-resistance technology. The process ensures that fastener colours ‘age’ at the same rate as the coloured roofing they’re matched to…eliminating costly call backs.
The coating has been extensively field tested under the most extreme conditions.
Tough and durable, environmentally safe and abrasion resistant, it takes the renowned Buildex roofing and cladding screws range to new levels of long life, performance and adaptability.

Compare ColorMatch® to the rest.
Once again, ITW Buildex leads the way in giving architects, roofing and cladding designers, manufacturers and roofing contractors what they need.
A self-drilling fastener with an integral colour-matching head that matches all roofing and cladding colours.*

Here’s what you get with ColorMatch®.
• Resistant to damage during installation.
• Optimum colour-matching for any colour.
• UV resistant…won’t crack or split.

Buildex use a powder-coated process, on a state-of-the-art amber paint line.
This produces a durable, chip resistant finish when compared to the traditional “wet” paint system.

ColorMatch swatches
ColorMatch® machine
ColorMatch® machine
The Buildex state of the art Amber Paint Line



Code Name Colour
AG Windspray™, Armour Grey  
BA Basalt®  
BI Dune™, Birch Grey  
CG Cottage Green™, Caulfield Green, Evergreen™  
CV Cove®  
EB Night Sky™ Ebony, Eclipse™  
GG Shale Grey™, Gull Grey  
GM Monument™  
GU Gully®  
HR Manor Red  
IS Ironstone™  
JP Jasper™  
ME Paperbark™, Merino  
MG Pale Eucalypt™, Mist Green  
MS Evening Haze™  
MT Deep Ocean™, Mountain Blue  
MV Mangrove®  
OW Surfmist™, Off White  
SC Classic Cream™, Smooth Cream  
SG Woodland Grey™, Slate Grey  
TA Terrain®  
WA Wallaby®  

Metallic Colours
The following colours are available painted to order:
Name Colour
Skybridge® (RGB 123, 145, 157)  

*ColorMatch® standard range matches the new Colorbond® colour range.
Other colours available upon request.
Colorbond® is a registered trademark of Bluescope Steel Pty. Ltd.

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