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Corrosion Management
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Corrosion Issues and Fasteners
Fasteners are a relatively small part of the costs of the roof construction, typically ~2%.
While they are relatively inexpensive, selection of the incorrect fastener can cause a whole roof structure to fail.
Occasionally the design performance of the fastener is a problem, but failures are usually related to the insidious effects of corrosion

Causes of Corrosion
Salt laden air from the ocean.
Airborne pollution and acids from industry and chemical sprays.
Moisture or humidity in tropical and moist areas.
The build up of moisture retaining dirt and contamination.



Underroof Corrosion

Why Corrosion Protection is Important
Protect against the harmful effects of corrosion including:
Unsightly rust ruining the look of the roof. Water entry. Structural failure of the roof construction. Expensive rectification costs.

Home > Real World Performance > Corrosion Management
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