Environmental Policy

ITW Buildex® manufatures fasteners and fittings for building industries throughout Australasia. It is our commitment to iminimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Australian Packaging Covenant

Buildex® is a proud signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). The APC is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

It is an agreement between government, industry and community gaps to work together to find and fund solutions to address packaging sustainability issues.

By signing the covenant, Buildex® has signalled their covenant to:

  • Design packaging that is more resource efficient and more recyclable.
  • Increase the recovery and recycling of used packaging from households and away from home sources.
  • Take action to reduce the incidence and impacts of litter.

Currently 900 organisations ( business and industry, government and non-government) are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant.