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Buildex® Metal Teks®
Self-Drilling Screws with a hardened drill point that will drill and thread in structural steel and mild steel. These Teks points are designed in a manner much the same as high speed steel drill bits.

To choose the correct fastener, it is necessary to select one where
the length of the drill point is equal to or greater than the total thickness of the material to be drilled including the air-gap. If the drill point is less than the total thickness of the material and the thread engages, then the fastener can break or became impossible to drive.

How To Use
1. Measure the total thickness of the materials to be drilled.
2. Choose a screw that has a drilling capacity equal to or greater than the total thickness of materials to be drilled.
Screw Gauge-TPI Recommended Drill Capacity
6 - 20 0.75mm - 2.5mm
8 - 18 0.75mm - 2.5mm
10 - 16 0.75mm - 3.5mm
10 - 24 1.2mm - 5mm
12 - 14 1.0mm - 5mm
12 - 24 1.2mm - 5mm
12 - 24 Series 500 3mm - 12mm
M5.5 - 14 1.0mm - 5.0mm
M6 - 11 0.55mm - 1.9mm
14 - 10 1.0mm - 5mm
14 - 20 1.2mm - 6mm
14 - 20 Series 500 3mm - 12mm
15 - 15 0.75mm

3. Select the correct driver for the screw being used.
Head Style Driver
Button Head #2 Phillips bit
Bugle Batten #2 Phillips bit
CSK 6/8/10g #2 Phillips bit
CSK 14g #3 Phillips bit
CSK Rib 6/8/10g #2 Phillips bit
CSK Rib 14g #3 Phillips bit
Hex Hd 8g 1/4” Hex Socket
Hex Hd 10/12/13g 5/16” Hex Socket
Hex Hd 14/15g 3/8” Hex Socket
Pan Hd #2 Phillips bit
Ripple Teks #2 Phillips bit
Self Embedding Head #2 Phillips bit
Tamper Resistant Hd *Special Driver*
Wafer Hd 8/10g #2 Phillips bit
Wafer Hd 12g #3 Phillips bit
*Available from the Buildex Customer Service Centre.

5. Fit driver to a power screwdriver (Tek Gun) with a speed under 3000rpm.
6. Put screw onto driver and place at fastening position.
7. Squeeze screwdriver trigger and maintain firm end pressure until screw has drilled and fastened.


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