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Poly Zips®
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  Hex. Head with 26mm EPDM Washer
Patent Protected Application
For fixing polycarbonate roofing to timber and thin metal battens.

Gauge T.P.I Length Pack Carton Part Number Pack Type Finish
M6 14 50 250 1 1-030-0350-1CSBT Bucket Climaseal® 3
      50 5 1-030-7334-4 Trade Climaseal® 3
M6 14 65 500 1 6-030-0350-1CS Bulk Climaseal® 3
      25 10 1-030-6350-1TPCS Trade Climaseal® 3


· Predrills its own expansion hole.
· Save up to 50% installation time!
· Patent pending wing design drills an over sized hole into the polycarbonate material.

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Step 1 Step 1

Insert PolyZips® into 5/16 socket and carefully position screw in centre of sheet crest to prevent any skidding or scratching.
Step 2 Step 2

Using a variable speed screw gun, start drilling slowly keeping screw straight to give you the correct oversized hole in your polycarbonate material.
Step 3 Step 3

Keep driving screw until it engages into the batten and EPDM washer sits securely. Do not over tighten screw, as it may cause failure.

PolyZIPS® is suitable for fixing into both timber and thin metal battens up to 1.2mm thick.
Some hardwoods may require pre-drilling.
Always check with material supplier recommendations for number of fasteners and spacing’s required.
Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate Roof

Fibreglass Tek Screws

  Dome Washers (EPDM)
Size Colour Pack Carton Part Number Pack Type
23mm Grey 1000 1 6-989-300503 Bulk


For fastening polycarbonate sheeting to steel purlins between 1.2mm and 5mm thick.

Gauge T.P.I Length Pack Carton Part Number Pack Type Finish
M6.5 14 50 250 1 1-310-0751-1CSBT Bucket Climaseal® 3
    65 200 1 1-310-0750-1CSBT Bucket Climaseal® 3

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