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The revolutionary range of roof fasteners designed, developed and proudly manufactured here in Australia by ITW Buildex®. Now available in 25mm, 50mm and 65mm lengths and as cyclone assemblies, RoofZips® continues to be the fastener solution which takes the fastening of steel roof sheeting into a whole new dimension.

Patent Protected Australian Made

Faster to install – saving time and money.
Easier to use, requiring less end load pressure.
Can be drilled on steep sloping roofs or near the edge of sheeting.
Reduces the amount of swarf.
Will not cause skidding of the roof profile.
Has multiple product applications of fixing to timber battens, steel purlins up to 1.9mm thick and thin metal battens.
Reduces damage to the washer – eliminating water entry.
Designed, developed and proudly manufactured in Australia.
Fully covered by the Buildex® warranty.
Includes the Buildex® features HiGrip® and Shankguard®.
Climaseal® 4 coating which meets AS3566 Class 4. (Now available in Climaseal® 5)
Significantly reduces stock holdings for both distributors and roofing contractors.

Application Table

Application Table
Fast and Easy to use
Easy to drill on Steep stoping roofs
Edge of sheeting
Fixes to STEEL purlins up to 1.9mm thick
Fixes to thin metal battens
Fixes to timber battens

Unique product features

The new head design has a 10% larger surface area and a more pronounced concave shape than conventional products, to hold the sealing washer more securely. This reduces the common problem of washer damage. Available head painted to match all popular Colorbond® roofing colours.
HiGrip® design feature grips the sheeting to provide a positive join. This prevents water entry, restricts over-drilling and stops the roof sheet moving down the shank when the roof is walked on.

* Available on the 50mm & 65mm lengths.
One class coating Climaseal® 4 meets AS3566 Class 4, enabling it to be used externally virtually anywhere, other than severe marine environments.
Now also available in a Climaseal® 5 finish for ultra sheeting in ISO Category 5 environments
Look for the BX Z4
on the screw
head. It’s your sign
of quality. BX = Buildex,
Z = Roof Zips, 4 = AS3566 Class 4
The unique Shankguard® design feature provides maximum resistance to corrosion.
It protects the fastener shank from scratching and scouring that can occur when crest fixing metal roofing. This in turn keeps the corrosion coating intact and fully functioning, providing 60% more corrosion resistance.

* Available on the 50mm & 65mm lengths.
Specially designed buttress thread which, unlike conventional threads, has 30 degree angle on one side and 7 degree angle on the other. This reduces distortion when fixing to steel purlins or metal battens. As a result there is a stronger and more robust connection, greater pullout strength and a better ability to handle movement of steel sheeting.
The unique patent protected point design allows for quick & easy installation into timber battens*, steel purlins up to 1.9mm* thick & thin metal battens*.
The new point eliminates burring which can cause washer damage and allows for easy installation on a steep sloping roof or for close-to-the-edge fastening. It will eliminate skidding & scratching of the roof profile.

Selection Chart
Roofing Profile Type     Fastening To:  
    Steel Purlins
1.2mm - 1.9mm
Metal Battens
0.42mm - 0.75mm
Timber Battens
Pine & Hardwood
Valley Fixing M6 x 25mm M6 x 25mm M6 x 25mm
Crest Fixing M6 x 50mm M6 x 50mm M6 x 50mm
Valley Fixing M6 x 25mm M6 x 25mm M6 x 25mm
Crest Fixing M6 x 50mm M6 x 50mm M6 x 65mm

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