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The versatile Buildex® Smooth Top is a new self drilling screw with a low profile head, ideal for use in limited spaces or where a discreet fixing is required, into steel or timber applications!

Applications for the Smooth Top Screw include:
• Fixing steel bracing
• Stitching into timber and steel up to 3.5mm
• Internal fitout

Finished in Climaseal® 3, the Buildex® Smooth Top Screws are suitable for interior
and exterior applications and meet AS3566 Class 3 in real world conditions.

  Teks® Point
Teks® Point
Gauge T.P.I Length Pack Carton Part Number Finish
M4.8 16 16 1000 4 6-311-0695-5MP Climaseal® 3

  Needle Point
Needle Point
Gauge T.P.I Length Pack Carton Part Number Finish
M4.8 15 16 1000 4 6-241-0208-8MP Climaseal® 3

Drilling Capacity

Teks® Up to 3.5mm steel
Needle Point For thin steel less than 1.0mm

Installation Instructions
1. Use a #2 Philips Drive.
2. Fit Driver Bit to a power screwdriver with a speed of less than 3000 rpm.
3. Fit screw to driver and place at fastening position
4. Apply consistently firm pressure to the screwdriver until screw has drilled and fastened.

  Technical Data
  Material M4.8-16 x 16mm Teks® M4.8-15 x 16mm Needle Point
  Timber – Pine - 590
  Timber – Hardwood - 700
  0.55mm Batten 807 1400
  0.75mm Batten 1860 2230
  1.2mm Stud 2320 -
  1.5mm Stud 4200 -
  1.9mm Stud 5500 -
  2.4mm Stud 7820 -

  Mechanical Properties    
  Single Shear Strength 6,800N    
  Axial Tensile Strength 11,900 N    
  Torsional Strength 8.4 Nm    

All values are averages obtained under laboratory conditions and safety factors should be applied for design purposes.
These figures are applicable to Buildex head marked product only.

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