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Quality protection in the harshest of environments

Stainless Steel is the only true assurance for protection against our corrosive coastline, fall out and emissions from industrial stacks, marine and other chemically polluted environments.

Buildex® Stainless Steel screws conform to the Australian standard AS3566.2.
Used in conjunction with sheeting & cladding manufacturer’s guidelines Buildex® offers you a variety of Stainless Steel screws suitable for use in metal, timber and aluminium host materials.

No other Australian screw manufacturer can offer the full variety of stainless steel screws required to meet with today’s environmental, structural and aesthetic requirements.

The grades of Stainless Steel used to manufacture and market are tabled below. Buildex® has been the leading Australian manufacturer of Stainless Type17 screws for wood and Taptite thread forming screws for a number of years. More recently Buildex® has introduced a range of Stainless Teks® screws for roofing, cladding and other applications.

The Buildex® new range of Stainless Steel Teks® has led the way again, with the innovation of robotically welding either a Carbon steel or Martensitic drill tips to its 300 series (A2) Teks. All Stainless Teks® have a top coat of Ruspert to give an extra layer of protection and lubrication to enhance their drill performance.
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  Stainless Grade Product Type International Grade Stainless
Selection Guide
  304 Teks®

Type 17
Stitching Screws
A2 Austenitic General purpose Stainless Steel with good corrosion resistance for most applications. Suitable for use with Stainless / Aluminium sheeting and cladding.
  316 Type 17
(Made on Request)
A4 Austenitic Used when higher corrosion resistance is required. Suitable for use in Severe Industrial, Marine environment, Chemical and petrochemical industries. Suitable for use with Stainless / Aluminium / Fibreglass sheeting and cladding.
  410 Stitching Screws C1 Martensitic Moderate corrosion resistance, that is high in strength. (Check material suppliers for approval before using).

Results of Testing

Buildex has over ten years experience with real world testing. Many of our products have been developed and improved as a direct result from what has been learned during the testing.

After a period of one year, the severe conditions at these sites give an accurate indication of a products likely performance when used in a real world situation. Competitor products are also periodically tested.

Since March 1999 Buildex in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading Sheeting & Cladding material manufactures have set up a specific program to test Stainless Steel and Class 4 screws in various materials.

The severe conditions encountered at both King Island and Newcastle sites have given Buildex the ideal testing grounds for Stainless Steel screws installed in various materials.

Stainless corrugated sheeting Stainless corrugated sheeting attached to galvanised beams on an open test rig at Newcastle. Screws used Stainless Teks® and Taptites in grade 304 and 316. Test period 16 months. All Buildex screws show no structural failures.
Aluminium sheeting and purlins Aluminium sheeting and purlins on a sheltered test rig at our King Island site. Purpose of this test was to measure the relative corrosion performance of Stainless and other coated screws when used in Aluminium. Test period 44 months.

Results obtained confirm the use of Buildex Stainless 304-316 series as the best solution for this sheeting system.
Ampelite Webglas GC® sheeting Ampelite Webglas GC® sheeting attached to galvanised beams on a sheltered test rig at our Newcastle site. Taptite screw in Stainless grade 304, 316 and Martensitic self-drilling screws, all parts were assembled with stainless plates and EPDM washers. Test period was 30 months.

Results from this test and actual job site use of Martensitic screws have made us aware of hardness problems when using these products in crest fixing applications. The instances of failure experienced were all related to fatigue situations where the crest fix fastener was subject to repeated bending as the roof sheet expanded and contracted.

Australian High Corrosion Areas

External Corrosive regions of Australia

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