Pullout Data - Wing Teks in Metal (Newtons)

Product Size1.0 mm G450 Steel1.2 mm G450 Steel1.5 mm G450 Steel1.9 mm G450 Steel
6-20 Wing Teks 1,800 2,400 3,400 Data on request
8-18 Wing Teks 2,300 2,900 3,700 Available on request
10-16 Wing Teks Not Applicable 2,320 4,200 5,550
14-20 Wing Teks Not Applicable Not Applicable 4,200  
Product Size2.4 mm G450 Steel3.0 mm G450 Steel2.0 mm G400 HRS Steel3.0 mm G400 HRS Steel
6-20 Wing Teks Data on request Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
8-18 Wing Teks Data on request      
10-16 Wing Teks 7,820 Data on request    
14-20 Wing Teks 7,700 9,600 6,400 14,900
Product Size4.0 mm G400 HRS Steel5.0 mm G400 HRS Steel
6-20 Wing Teks 9,600  

All values are averages obtained under laboratory conditions and appropriate safety factors should be applied for design purposes. These figures are applicable to product sourced from ITW Buildex© and with the Buildex© Head Mark only.

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