Sealing Washer Installation Problems

Hex Head Fasteners Sealing Washer Installation Problems- Causes and Remedies

Problem Cause Remedy
Sealing Washer squashing or bursting out from under the fastener head. Incorrect product Sealing Washers are only suitable for Hex Head fastener's designed for fixing roof or side cladding cladding.
Over tightening of the fastener. Release the trigger on the driver tool as the fastener meets the metal surface being fixed into.
Too much pressure is applied to the fastener.
Fastener not driven at right angles to the cladding. Hold the fastener at 90 degrees to the cladding.
Fastener not held at right angles and at the center of the crest or valley of corrugated profile. Hold the fastener at 90 degrees to the cladding and ensure the fastener is at the center of the profile crest or valley.