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Technical Information
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Buildex Type 17's
Self drilling screws for fixing into timber and thin steel thicknesses up to 0.75mm battens.

1. The thread on a Type 17 is parallel for constant clamp load.
2. The drill point is sharp pointed and drills the timber to a pulp consistency.
3. The special end slot forms a thread cutting action into the timber. The timber it cuts becomes pulp like sawdust, which is distributed evenly into the open cell structure in the timber. This becomes stabilised by the frictional heat generated while cutting, eliminating timber expansion and minimising the splitting of timber.
Type 17's Diagram
Minimum Embedment Into Timber
The minimum amount of embedment that must be screwed into the timber is important in order to achieve the required pullout loads from the timber. The pullout load will also vary according to the grade of timber (softwood Vs hardwood).

Gauge Minimum Embedment Exceptions
6g 16mm  
8g 18mm  
10g 25mm 10g x 25mm = 23mm
12g 30mm 12g x 25mm = 23mm
14g 35mm 14g x 25mm = 23mm

Embedment diagram

How To Use
1. Select a screw with the correct head style for the job.
2. Choose a screw long enough to provide 30mm embedment into the
wood being fastened to.
3. Choose the correct driver for the screw being used.
Head Style Driving Tool
Bugle Batten 5mm Int Hex
Countersunk #2 Phillips bit
Countersunk Rib #2 Phillips bit
Hexagon 8g 1/4” Hex Socket
Hexagon 10/12g 5/16” Hex Socket
Hexagon 14g 3/8” Hex Socket
Pan #2 Phillips bit
Ripple Teks #2 Phillips bit
RoofZips 5/16”Hex Socket
Self Embedding #2 Phillips bit
Tamper Resistant Special Driver*
Wafer #2 Phillips bit
*Available from the Buildex Customer Service Centre.

4. Fix driver to a power screwdriver set to under 3000rpm.
5. Put screw onto driver and place at fastening position.
6. Squeeze screwdriver trigger and maintain firm end pressure until screw has drilled and fastened.


Home > Product Range > Type 17's Self Drilling Screws
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