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Wind Speed Management

Square-Rib Roofing Cyclone Assembly

SQUARE-LOK® the all new cyclone assembly for square-rib roofing profiles.
SQUARE-LOK® has a large contact area with the roofing profile and self-aligns with the roofing profile, even when installed off centre.
This spreads the up-force load from heavy winds evenly across the surface of the cyclone plate. It eliminates the problems of chafing
and small contact area of conventional bonded washers systems.

Benefits & Advantages

· Significantly improves the roofs holding capability.
· Quicker and easier to install.
· Easier to store and handle.
· Self-aligns to the surface of the roof sheet when under uplift load.
· Tested and passed by the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station.
· Includes a double washer system, an upper and lower EPDM Seal preventing water entry between the screw head, cyclone plate and roofing profile.
· Provides a neater, more aesthetic roof appearance.
· ColorMatch® painted to match the colour of the roofing profile.



Square Rib roofing cyclone assembly is available as:

· 14-10 x 65mm HWH Type 17
· 14-10 x 75mm HWH Type 17
· 14-10 x 50mm HWH Metal Teks®
· 14-10 x 65mm HWH Metal Teks®
· 15-15 x 55mm HWH Metal Batten Teks®
· M6-11 x 50mm RoofZip®
· M6-11 x 65mm RoofZip®

In a Class 4 corrosion resistant finish.

Square-Lok® screws

Home > Real World Performance > Square-Lok®
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