Buildex® Roof-Lok® – Ultimate Roof holding performance

In a high wind situation, the most vulnerable part of any structure to failure is the roof. Once the roof has gone there is little chance the building will survive if the high winds prevail.

One of the critical factors in roof retention is the type of fastener used to fix down the metal roof. In cyclone prone zones it is important to ensure that you are giving the roof the best chance of survival by using a fastener that is best designed to withstand high wind conditions.

Leading Australian fastener manufacturer, Buildex®, offers a market leading fastening solution designed for both square and corrugated roof profiles. It delivers unrivalled performance in cyclonic conditions and is suitable for roofs designed for Category 5 Cyclones.

Buildex® Roof-Lok has been used extensively in Darwin as well as over the last year for rebuilds following the destruction of Cyclone Debbie in Qld.

Buildex® Roof-Lok has ultimate roof holding capability. With a larger contact area than other fastener assemblies on the market, it dramatically improves the ability to hold down the roof.

The majority of Australian Rollformers put their roofing profiles through extensive cyclonic testing at James Cook University using Buildex® cyclonic plates. This represents the standard for performance of their roofing profiles in cyclonic conditions.

Buildex® Roof-Lok has passed all the required Rollformer Cyclonic design standards and has Deemed to Comply approval. So in cyclone-prone zones, Roof-Lok gives you the peace of mind that you are using a fastener that has ultimate roof-holding capability in a cyclone.

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Watch the Buildex® Roof-Lok Cyclone Assembly video here.