security fasteners fixing to metal

Headlok® Metal Teks® 


Headlok® Security Head screws are designed for securely fastening metal roofing and cladding profiles to prevent unauthorised entry into property. It is ideal for warehouses and shopping centres, government and defence installations, correctional and storage facilities, community centres and water treatment facilities.

Headlok Security head Teks® are designed to fix into steel purlins between 1.2mm and 4.5mm thick. For fixing into light gauge steel less than 1.2mm, Buildex® Headlok Roof Zips® are recommended.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique tamper proof head design that can only be installed and undone using Buildex® Security Socket
  • End users are placed on registration database to ensure traceability of socket location
  • Fast & Easy Installation into steel up to 4.5mm thick with Teks® point
  • High pull-out strength
  • Climaseal® 4 corrosion protection available
  • Under-roof Corrosion Protection with Shankguard® feature which prevents the scratching and scouring of the fastener shank that can happen during installation
  • Higrip® Feature grips to the roof sheeting to create a positive join preventing water entry and over drilling. It also stops the roof sheet moving down the shank when the roof is walked on
  • HeadLok Driver Part Number: 6-991-0372-2
  • Manufactured in Australia
Part NumberProductGaugeThreadLengthHead TypeCorrosion FinishAvailable ColoursPack QtyCarton QtyDatasheet link
6-310-3624-4C4 Headlok Security Metal Teks® 14 10 25mm Headlok Climaseal® 4 Colormatch® 500 3 pdf31250-PDS
6-310-3625-5C4 Headlok Security Metal Teks® 14 10 50mm Headlok Climaseal® 4 Colormatch® 1000 1 pdf31250-PDS