stitching screws fixing to metal

Buildex® Stitching Screws


Buildex® 8-15 Slotted Hex Head Twin start needle point screws are used for general fixing through light weight steel and stitching light gauge steel sheet.

Features and Benefits

  • Slotted head for easy removal with a bladed screw driver
  • Serrations to reduce thread stripping
  • High pull-out strength
  • Needle point does not require pre-drilling
Part NumberProductGaugeThreadLengthHead TypeSealCorrosion FinishAvailable ColoursPack QtyCarton QtyDatasheet link
6-241-0037-1CS Needle Point with Slotted Hex Washer 8 15 15mm Hex Serrated Head No Seal Climaseal® 3 Colormatch® 1000 4  24104-PDS