FIXing polycarbonate sheeting to METAL

Buildex® Poly Teks®


Buildex® 14 -14 Poly Teks® Polycarbonate Roofing Screws are designed for crest pierce fixing polycarbonate roof sheets steel between 1.5mm and 5mm. Typical applications are pergolas, outdoor entertainment areas and skylights.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-drills its own expansion hole
  • Teks® drill point for high drilling performance into metal battens
  • High pull-out strength
  • 26mm EPDM washer with inner sealing ring to prevent water entry
  • Wing design drills an over sized hole into polycarbonate material which helps eliminate sheet buckling and water entry due to expansion in high temperature.
Part NumberProductGaugeThreadLengthHead TypeSealShankguardHigripCorrosion FinishAvailable ColoursPack QtyCarton QtyDatasheet link
1-310-0751-1CSBT PolyTeks® - Polycarbonate 14 14 50mm Hex Head With 26mm EPDM Y Y Climaseal® 3 Unpainted 250 4 pdf31197-PDS
1-310-0750-1CSBT PolyTeks® - Polycarbonate 14 14 65mm Hex Head With 26mm EPDM Y Y Climaseal® 3 Unpainted 200 4 pdf31197-PDS